Caring Hands Home Care has helped both of my elderly parent for the past 4 months. The caregivers are exceptional people who understand the different needs of elderly people. In addition, the staff has shown that they truly care about helping.

The organization has not only been able to provide highly qualified people on a regular, ongoing basis, but they have also been able to respond to last minute changes in schedules. I have been pleased to see that even the new people coming in to help in an emergency have been told what to expect (unlike other agencies where I need to be there to train the new people).

Caring Hands Home Care is an excellent, kind, highly skilled group of caregivers.

Ellen W.


The team at Caring Hands is the most caring and compassionate in the business. During the 10 months they cared for my father with dementia they provided him with every possible comfort and kept me updated often with changes in his behavior, mood, or eating habits.

Before we started 1-on-1 care my dad was confused and worried all the time. He would call me several times a day wondering where he was and what he was supposed to do. Each call was the same. After we stared 1-on-1 care, when he called he just wanted to know how I was doing. It felt like I had my dad back.

The caregivers were the highlight of my dad's day. When they were not there he would stand in his doorway just waiting for his "friend". They did activities with him and sat with him during meals. They walked and talked with him, getting to know him very well.

I would highly recommend Caring Hands to anyone needing elderly care.

Katie L.


Our family has been using Caring Hands for my elderly parent for 9 months.
We have had one regular caregiver most of that time. We have worked with several other caregivers with Caring Hands when we needed more hours. We have found all of the staff to be dependable and caring. Management is extremely responsive in answering texts and phone calls. We will fortunate to have Caring Hands in Santa Fe.

Shelley W.


I can't say enough about this organization and their staff. They made themselves available at a moment's notice when my father was discharged from the hospital needing considerable care. Each and every caregiver was highly skilled, professional, personable, creative in problem-solving when problems arose due to my parents' dementia and confusion. Above all, this agency and all its caregivers provided something I haven't seen with any other agency and that is immeasurable: they truly care. That means so much to any family.

Molly H.


The level of care and support our family has received from Juanita and the skilled staff with Caring Hands is beyond our expectations. In addition to being kind, friendly and considerate, they are also very professional and communicative.

As the type of care we needed changed, Caring Hands made those changes effortlessly. We have received emotional and practical support not found with other companies. At times when I have felt overwhelmed, I never felt alone in decisions. The term business hours do not apply with Caring Hands. They feel more like family. I could not feel more grateful.

Kendra W.


Caring Hands Home Care has been the best thing I've done for my father since he moved to Santa Fe. I highly recommend their services. The true concern and care they have shown my father is genuine and so helpful.

Nina B. R.


Caring Hands Home Care is wonderful! I don't know what we'd do without them. They are kind, patient, and trustworthy. They are also the consummate professionals with excellent attention to detail and timely responses. I highly recommend them.

Kendel F.


Great experience with Caring hands home care. Each and every person who works here has outstanding customer service skills, professional, accommodating, and very kind. They make me feel so cared about and loved
I absolutely love and recommend by 100%. Everyone at caring hands has outstanding customer service and very compassionate kind and loving ways. All are professional and make me feel valued. Thank you so much!

Alfred R.


Juanna and her team became family to me as we navigated my mother's declining health. They always knew just what she needed, physically and emotionally and were very attentive and kind. I was able to trust them with her care and came to really love Juanna and her team. I cannot recommend them enough - I feel truly blessed to have had their help.

Cynthia D.